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Universal Design

Universal Design, Aging in Place, in St. Louis by Diane Rosen, CAPSCertified

“Aging in place is living in the home and community of your choice as you get older."

~ Patrick Roden, RN, PhD, CAPS

Elaine Ostroff, considered one of the main founders of Universal Design (UD), defines UD as an approach to design that honors human diversity and acknowledges the right for everyone from childhood to their oldest years, to use in all spaces, products and information in an independent, inclusive and equal way.

We use examples of UD everyday and simply don’t realize how helpful it is to all of us. For instance, automated sliding doors, pedestrian zero-entry walk ways, anything sensory and /or remote lighting, faucets, toilets and more are all considered Universal Design.

Examples of Universal Design

When considering home modifications, updating or creating a new space for you and your family, please call Diane Rosen at 314.359.0890 and discover how Universal Design can work for you.


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