Quality Team Means Quality Design.

Diane Rosen Interiors, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, brings more than 25 years experience and a professional team of certified and accredited architects, builders and installers together to deliver top-notch interior design services to homeowners and businesses nationwide.

Whether your project is new construction, a whole-home renovation or just a refreshing update, Diane Rosen begins with an initial design consultation to learn about your unique personality and style. Diane works with you through a Discovery Questionnaire to unveil your vision, wish list and budget considerations. Diane Rosen can offer sound advice on any special needs or future needs, such as aging in place.

This is all about you – focusing on you and your family, your office, your home or your vacation retreat.  Diane Rosen will create a beautiful, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly space that you are proud to call your own.

Talk with Diane today and find out how affordable interior design can be.