Complete Interior Design

Don’t know where to begin? That’s where Diane Rosen steps in to create the ultimate space. Maybe you need more room for your growing family, perhaps your office needs a refresher, or maybe your interested in aging in place… No matter what sparks your project, you can benefit from our extensive interior design experience. Our team of hand-selected artisans, builders, installers and certified and accredited architects will manage and coordinate hundreds of details throughout the design process, so you can just sit back and relax without stress or worry.

CAD Layout & Space Planning

Every home is unique and showing you a professional rendering of your space not only defines your ideas and dreams but brings your vision to reality.

Workspace and Commercial Interior Design

Being flexible defines today workspace. Open spaces, lots of natural light and meeting rooms that are now informal conversation areas have proven results in productivity and creative solutions.

DESIGN GUIDES™ Hourly Design Consultations

An hourly DESIGN GUIDE™ consultation begins with focusing on that one area that you want to change. We will discuss your issues and your vision. For example your kitchen – does your vision lean towards reworking the entire kitchen or simply giving it a refreshing update that fits your family and lifestyle. Next, we can begin to discuss your budget and timeline. Taking your project step by step and understanding the various contractors and installers involved gives you a clear picture of what to expect and the cost involved. A 2-hour DESIGN GUIDE™ Consultation starts at $250.

New Construction Design

Ready to build your home? My team of architects and custom home builders have years of experience to get you started and on your way. Involving Diane Rosen Interiors from the start ensures that your personal thoughts about the kitchen , bath room and family area needs are met. We will walk you through multiple decisions from flooring selections to grout colors in the shower; knowing you’ve made the right selections.

Outdoor Space Design

Are you ready to bring your stunning style outdoors? Step outside and truly enjoy your garden, patio, deck, or whatever outside space you have! Diane Rosen can help you create a stunning outdoor environment so you can embrace and enjoy every minute of the warm season.

Whole-Home Renovation

Customizing your home to fit your growing family needs or rearranging areas to fit your current lifestyle will add the most current new features we want in our homes. Working with Diane Rosen Interiors, discussing your vision, working with experienced contractors and installers will give you a clear understanding of budget, cost and timeline and add your ROI!

Universal Design

What is Universal Design?
Universal Design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. To learn more visit The Center of Universal Design.

Staying in your home “forever” is the goal of over 80% of the population. Knowing what can be done to accommodate various needs as we age in our home and outdoors keeps us all in the place we call home. The features that are available for your kitchen, bath, bedrooms and open areas are not only aesthetically beautiful but function as well… and for all of us! Designing with Universal Design principles ensures you can stay in your forever home, while increasing your ROI!

Diane Rosen Interiors is certified in CAPS – Certified in Aging in Place.