Three Tips for Eco-Friendly Interior Design
What's New / May 9, 2020

In the last few years, the amount of people concerned about our planet’s overall health has risen sharply. More frequently, we are seeing marches to push our governments into action against climate change. With global warming harming our personal environments, it comes with no surprise that eco-friendly interior design choices have become a trend that’s increasingly popular.

Choosing to use sustainable methods while designing your home means you have the ability to improve your carbon footprint. Being green helps fight against air pollution, but some are unaware that it also can improve your general health and wellness.

Here are three tips from the pros on how to design with sustainability in mind.

Water-based Paints

Many household products, including interior paint, contain what are commonly referred to as VOC’s. VOC’s are chemicals that evaporate when they are at room temperature. Unfortunately, they are also linked to health problems such as irritation of the throat, headaches, and cancer.

Decorate with House Plants
This is one of the easiest ways to improve your carbon footprint at home, and you probably do it already! Fill your rooms with plants. They help to filter out the air a bit, by providing oxygen. They also have a lot of beauty and charm to offer to the rest of your decor, and can really pull a room together.

Don’t Go for Cheap Furniture
When selecting furniture for your home, try going for longer-lasting materials. Look for furniture made of solid wood (like maple, oak, or walnut) that is known for its durability. This is great news for antique lovers…generally speaking, antique furniture is considered very eco-friendly. Most of it was manufactured without modern chemicals or stains.

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